Located on the south coast of China, just 40 miles from Hong Kong, the Special Administrative Region of Macao is one of Asia’s most exciting destinations, with a unique Portuguese-Chinese heritage, legendary food scene and sparkling skyline.

The Portuguese arrived in Macao in the 16th century and their influence can still be clearly seen today. East meets west in the beautiful UNESCO World Heritage listed Historic Centre, in the destination’s array of colourful events and festivals, and in the delicious local Macanese fusion cuisine.

Few destinations can beat Macao for sheer entertainment value. Whether taking in the spectacular views and adrenaline activities at the Macau Tower, enjoying Anim’Arte NAM VAN's waterfront leisure offering, meeting the residents at the Giant Panda Pavilion or relaxing in the southern countryside and beaches there’s plenty of choice for visitors of all ages.

From elegant squares to Taoist temples, luxury resorts to spectacular shows and nightlife, Michelin-starred dining to world class shopping and bustling markets, Macao offers travellers the perfect two or three-night stop when visiting the Far East or en route “Down Under”.

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